Friday, 15 April 2011

Shooting Games - The Many Types and Varieties

When it comes to shooting games there is an endless amount to choose from. Shooting games can vary from being simple in nature like that of a carnival game. There are other games that involve hunting, which entails you being out in the wilderness tracking and stalking your prey, usually a deer, until you come upon it grazing in the meadow then bang! Now you have a championship buck to brag about to all of your friends! There are even games that engage in war, country against country, sneaking past enemy lines to assassinate the leader of the opposing country. Shooting games come in a wide variety here are a few more to consider.

Carnival Shooting Games

Some of the more simple shooting games are based on carnival games. Remember being at the carnival, there was a shooting game that had you shooting tiny metal pellets at moving objects? There were also the water sprayer games; you had to shot a stream of water into the clown’s mouth to blow up the balloon till it popped. These types of shooting games have been updated and made into more modern games. There are even carnival game apps available on the iphone.

Tank Games

Another kind of shooting games that most do not consider when they are thinking about shooting games are tank games. You have to maneuver tanks into position and then use the cannon to shoot things! Of course tank games are shooting games. And just how cool is it to take a tank cannon, fire a missile, and watch something blow up? You cannot just go out and do that every day now can you? Plus with the excellent graphics on the iphone, tank games can get very realistic.

Sniper Shooting Games

Okay, this is a very popular type shooting games. Especially with 3-D graphics available on the iphone, you might just feel like you are there. Your character is decked out in camouflage, hunkered down in a tall grass field in the middle of a foreign country. Your instructions are to sneak past enemy lines find the leader of the rebel fighters and take him out. Not to mention you need to kill as many of the enemy as you can, your commander does not want to take the chance of them rebuilding their armies. In this game it is kill or be killed.

Space shooting games

Another type of shooting games is space games. Imagine being in the vast emptiness of space, space admiral you, are embarking on a quest to find intelligent life on mars. On your voyage to the red planet, something unexpected happens, a close encounter of the third kind. 18 million miles away from earth, it is just you and your space cadet facing the one thing you really did not expect to see in space. Your only weapons are your ion ray guns and your wits. Will you make it back to earth?

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